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We can't trust politics to politicians

Published:Sunday | November 1, 2015 | 5:13 PM


What a past week we have had in Jamaican politricks!

From the minister of health in Parliament trying to justify the deaths of at least 19 Jamaican babies in our hospitals because of deadly bacteria (under questionable sanitary conditions), proclaiming that prematurely born babies are "NOT babies in the real sense", to the petty squabbles in the Jamaican Senate, arising out of their so-called debate over making the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) the final court of appeal for Jamaica.

Are these the people who have appropriated the people's rights for themselves on the grounds that they can make better decisions than the ordinary citizens of Jamaica?

Some of their trite arguments, polarising stances and strange, petty behaviour on such an important matter of national importance and significance in the current 'debate' in the Senate have brought home the point forcefully: They are not fit to make such an important decision for the 2.7 million of us.

And they have vindicated the point I made on radio recently: What can be more political than politicians in Parliament making decisions along party lines?

Then again, maybe these politicians are right about the people not being capable of making such important decisions, because, after all, we were collectively foolish enough to have elected their party into government despite gross mismanagement, mass corruption, arrogance, and contemptuous regard for the people.

Or do they believe that many of us were born premature babies and hence are not real people anyway?


President, National Democratic Movement