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Letter of the Day: Salvage health-care disaster by releasing audit

Published:Monday | November 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and Health Minister Fenton Ferguson.


As a stakeholder of this country, I am saddened by the deteriorating public health-care system, especially in light of the manifest incompetence and poor ministerial performance.

The minister is not living up to his duty of care, which means "a moral or legal obligation to ensure the safety or well-being of others". Nineteen babies have died, and the minister has not been held accountable.

The health minister, as well as the prime minister, who has failed to act when he was negligent in the past vis-‡-vis chik-V, is complicit in this dead-babies scandal. What the prime minister should now do in salvaging this travesty is to make the audit report public.

Let us take the politics out of the issue, and let us put the nation's interest first. I do not want my friends, family members or even my worst enemy who is expecting a child to suffer the fate of those who lost their babies.

My recommendation, as a stakeholder, is for the creation of a strategic plan to revamp the health sector, in addition to implementing corrective measures as highlighted by the audit to address existing gaps.

These critical steps will result in the sector being more efficient and effective, setting the stage for a return of public trust and confidence in the public health-care system.

I am compelled, in closing, to draw reference to the redo of Adele's song, Hello, by Bella Blair, a social-media commentator. It further drives home the point of, and even summarises, the issues that we currently face in the health sector.

We, as a nation, need answers to the problem and solutions from the Government's (Ministry of Health's) perspective. I want, in future, a better nation with accountable and credible leaders who have Jamaica's interest at heart.