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Why do blacks get away with racism?

Published:Monday | November 2, 2015 | 1:10 PM


Ever notice how we come down like a ton of bricks whenever some white person says anything that sounds racist, whether real or perceived, against us black people, but we don't seem to mind when we do the same to white people?

Why is it that we black people can get away with being racist but whites can't?

Take the situation in the Dominican Republic. Many of us are calling the government there racist for trying to, as far as it can see, protect its population. Yet, when Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe was ejecting white farmers from their lands, supposedly to protect his, we not only refused to call his actions racist, some of us praised him for 'righting a historical wrong'.

Ever notice how we get hot under the colour when white people call us niggers? Just as the ants get mad when we stir up their nest, we get into a fit whenever a white man brands us niggers. Yet, we blacks don't seem to have a problem when we call each other niggers.

Indeed, the term has now become a meaning of endearment between blacks! Of course, we routinely call whites all sorts of derogatory names, but we don't seem to mind that at all!

We picket white-only clubs as racists and brand white-only organisations like the Klan as bigots, but, at the same time, we exalt black organisations like the Universal Negro Improvement Association that bars whites from holding senior positions