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Why the obsession with homosexuality?

Published:Monday | November 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Over the years, I have listened to many debates around Jamaica about all that is wrong about homosexuality. Recently, however, I believe we took it to a different level with the much-publicised rally in Half-Way Tree, where the main focus was the absolute intolerance of homosexuals. This left me asking myself, "What gives us the right to cast judgement on another human being?" Shouldn't we perhaps respect them if only because they are humans?

Everyone has different views and morals, but at the end of the day, are we following the masses or have we stepped back and reflected on how this lifestyle is affecting us?

Gay intolerance is quite simply discrimination. It is very easy to follow the masses, but we really should do our own research and analysis before coming to conclusions. If you fall in love with someone who isn't accepted by society, do you simply stop loving them because it's seen as taboo? No. You'd find ways to make this love work.

Many people quote the Bible, saying that if a man layeth with another man, he should be stoned. BUT that very BIBLE contradicts this hate by saying, "Love your neighbour as you would yourself."

What Jamaica really should be asking is, where are the 5,000 missing kids? We should ponder the increasing murder rate, poverty, dying babies, the wandering souls on our streets. Are we that homophobic here in Jamaica that we prefer to spend money on a rally to bash gays rather than to demonstrate for justice.

Step back from the masses; think about the poignant issues and the future that YOU would like for our children.