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Will Portia stand with moralists or gays?

Published:Monday | November 2, 2015 | 12:49 PM


The executive director of J-FLAG, quoted in the article, 'LGBT community eyes more than conscience vote', published in The Gleaner on October 30, 2015, said there was a need for a defined strategy to address issues affecting the LGBT community.

He referred to the bold move of the prime minister, who, in the last election campaign, promised a conscience vote in Parliament on the matter, noting well that this has not been done. No doubt, the People's National Party (PNP) leader was pulling out all the stops to secure the votes of the LGBT society to win the election.

Madam Prime Minister, what are you going to promise the LGBT in this election campaign? I hope that you - as well as the opposition leader - will think very thoroughly about this matter.

Our pledge mandates Jamaicans to advance the welfare of the whole human race. God has gifted us world-class athletes, reggae music, and that indomitable spirit with which our heroine, Nanny, was endowed. It is that same indomitable spirit which you, madam prime minister, have portrayed in your political career.

Now Jamaica is being challenged to conform to the practices of world powers. Jamaica, however, has always [and I hope will always] have that special identity; grit with humour; the ability to strain against the pressures of life while oozing blood, sweat and tears; yet, we 'tek bad tings mek joke'.

Madam prime minister, will you stand for truth evinced by the word of God and natural law?"

There is evidence of political machinery at work, so it seems like a moment of decision is not far away. What will the PNP and Jamaica Labour Party do when the ball is in the place of choice to live, work and raise families.