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Fixed election date ideal for Jamaica

Published:Tuesday | November 3, 2015 | 11:34 AMTHE EDITOR, Sir:

Jamaica urgently needs a fixed election date. The prime minister should not be vested with the authority to call an election when it suits him or her. The country is sovereign and its interests should come first.

The advantages of a fixed election date are:

1) Investors could be given an opportunity to forward-plan.

2) It would militate against a long election campaign. The 1980 election campaign was a tragedy.

3) The non-governing parties would not be caught unprepared for the election.

4) It would eliminate speculation.

5) International observers could plan well in advance to send oversight personnel.

6) Advertisers could woo the parties for the advertising dollar.

7) The press could plan well ahead of time as to which events to cover.

8) The electorate would be given enough time to make up their minds as to which party to vote for.

9) It would be less taxing on the Electoral Office of Jamaica.

10) The security forces could plan their strategy to deal with lawlessness and other breaches of the peace.

I would suggest the first of July for the fixed election date and we would go into the Emancipendence celebrations with a new government.