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Letter of the Day: Holness' crime rhetoric reckless, pathetic

Published:Tuesday | November 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM



We are truly in the silly election season. I am still trying to wrap my head around statements made by Leader of the Opposition Andrew Holness. At a meeting in Hanover, it is reported that Mr Holness, who wants to be prime minister and lead this country, made the following statement: "If you keep the PNP in power, the truth is that you could lose your life. If you keep the PNP in power and the crime rate continues to rise, the truth is that the next victim could be you."

If this doesn't trouble our electorate, I don't know what will, because this speech is certainly by a man desperate for power, and Mr Holness seems to be saying anything and everything to get into power.

These utterances are irresponsible and have no place in our modern democracy. We have long past the horrible stage in our country's history where fearmongering is used as a method to gain victory.

The questions I want to put to Mr Holness and the JLP are: Is this a veiled threat to the electorate to vote for the JLP? Are we to understand that Mr Holness and the JLP know the source of criminality in Jamaica, such that when they get into office, they will eliminate said source?

Will Mr Holness tell the electorate why he is convinced that they will be murdered having voted for the PNP? Could it be that if a person votes PNP, he or she is marked for death? Could it be that if the PNP wins, the JLP will 'tun up di ting'? Mr Holness must move to clarify these impressions in the minds of many Jamaicans.

These statements made by Mr Holness are not only reckless, but are an affront to the hardworking and dedicated members of our police force. His claims may be interpreted that the wave of murders would be linked to police personnel abandoning their duty to serve, protect and reassure.

I am, therefore, suggesting to Mr Holness that he retract this irresponsible statement and apologise to the Jamaican electorate and put solutions forward as to how we can stem the surge of crime in our nation.


Toronto, Ontario