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Letter of the Day: We are a great people

Published:Wednesday | November 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Sometimes it takes tremendous strength of character to really distinguish between a good people and a bad one. Though it is evident that we are a very peculiar nation as it relates to our ideals and sense of being, we are still very particular about the people within our midst. We will rival any people to realise our dreams of being a very unique people. Our political system of governance can rival any nation with a working democracy. This is why we should be thankful to our founding fathers for the background they have set for us to follow.

We are a great people in spite of the many different difficult circumstances we have been through, but the love we have as a people and the divine joy from the church people has strengthened our resolve every day. If we continue to make the right choices and ensure that God is the One to whom we give the glory, everything will come after.

The great stalwarts we have in our midst have ensured that we are above the odds all the time in the journey on which we travel and the commitments we have made to our causes. With genuine prayers of our prayer warriors, we can safely say we have passed the worst.

No one really knows the magnitude of our worth on the world stage, but we are worth millions because we are an accomplished people. The nexus between success and failure as it relates to us Jamaicans is great because we have the capacity to produce the best as a people.


genuine prospects for success

Life has treated us unfairly in spite of the grand evolution of our people. In sports and music, we have stood out as genuine prospects for success.

Our economy is not the strongest, but we are mindful of type of mindset we have had as a people to surpass such unfortunate positions.

May we move from strength to strength to fill the hiatus produced by some people, while others have given yeomen service and never gave up on our potentialities for advancement. We need to stick to the fundamentals and generate the urge to continue to go forward in positivity.

Paris Taylor

Greater Portmore