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Seriously, Water Commission?

Published:Wednesday | November 4, 2015 | 8:53 AM


Last Monday (October 26, 2015) I reported to the NWC that there was a leak from my metre which was leaking from their end. I received a reference number and was told that the report was logged and sent off to the respective department. I waited for two days. Nothing happened, so I called again. The representative assured me that the report was sent to the respective department, but she was unable to tell if someone had been assigned as she was not able to see from her system.

On Monday (November 2), the leak got worse and I realised that water was now coming up in the driveway from underground, so I again called the NWC. A crew came to the house late evening and dug up my driveway and now the situation is worse. Water is now running down Pembroke Hall Drive and just gushing from the metre. My drive is now very water logged and damaged.

I am concerned as to who will address this as I am sure that the driveway will have to be fixed and I will be expected to do this myself.

I called again (November 3), this time, venting about how frustrated I was and was, again, given another reference #3087866. I asked that the matter be escalated and was told that it will be sent to her superior. My greatest fear is that I might be billed.

Paulette Dixon