Fri | Jun 25, 2021

Crime too hot for PNP to handle

Published:Thursday | November 5, 2015 | 10:14 AM


Many have come out swinging at Opposition Leader Andrew Holness for stating that "if you keep the PNP (People's National Party) in power, you may lose your life". But while the truth may offend, it is not a sin.

Frankly, I can understand the plight of the PNP to misconstrue, misinterpret and corrupt the message Mr Holness was trying to send.

The fact is, however, that historic-ally, crime increases under the PNP and decreases under Jamaica Labour Party leadership. The numbers speak for themselves. In fact, in 2010, there was a substantial decline in murders, an achievement that is now being eroded by the PNP.

At this point, criminals are becoming more sophisticated and innovative, and it is clear to see that what is lacking is a commensurate level of sophistication on the part of the police. This, in conjunction with the austere economic challenges, continues to make the situation worse.

So while we lambaste Mr Holness on stating what is recorded in history, let us not bury our heads in the sand. Let us not simply play politics and roll out the propaganda machinery to confuse the electorate. Let us not play blind to the fact that the high murder rate is a challenge for the PNP.

I do not see any hidden threats in Mr Holness' statements, but instead a quest to inform and alert the populace to the threats to our security. Instead of trying to distract the people from the real issues, the PNP should focus on actually fixing the problems.