Fri | Jun 25, 2021

Sexist satire

Published:Thursday | November 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Three cheers to The Sunday Gleaner for allowing my favourite sexist, Daniel Thwaites, to continue fighting against a rip tide of things that no longer can be said (See 'Our own privy counsel', Sunday Gleaner, November 1, 2015).

We have been sanitised into such a Gestapo of thought that a man admitting to his shallowness of finding attractive women attractive is wrong - that is unless she is also brilliant, as well as attractive on the inside, too.

Maybe, higher-achieving women who can't find the perfect man should take a page out of the Thwaites Sexist Manual for Men. Go out there and find an attractive man, and love him for being attractive, ripped, and physically dominating, but not domineering.

FYI: Daniel Thwaites needs a daughter. He would immediately stop this nonsense. But then, where would I go for modern satire?