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Doctor and receptionist from hell

Published:Friday | November 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Recently, I made an appointment to see a doctor in the Molynes Road area. From my first telephone conversation with the receptionist, I was a bit perturbed by her lack of courtesy. But being in Jamaica where times are hard and troubles abound plenty, I thought she was having an 'off day', so I ignored her rudeness.

D-Day: I walked into the tightly cramped room with about 12-14 persons waiting, most with a look of disdain and annoyance on their faces. I walked up to the receptionist and greeted her politely, but she barely answered and did not bother to look at me. I proceeded to talk nonetheless.

Me: You have a full house today. Are all these persons here to see the doctor?

Receptionist: Yes, and we close at 12 p.m., so if you waah wait, it up to yuh.

Okay, what do I need to do?

If dis is your first time, write down your information on dis piece of paper and write yuh name on the register of which doctor yuh wah see.

I took the paper and followed the less-than-friendly instruction.

After sitting for more than an hour and a half waiting, I noticed that persons who came in after I did got through and left. I proceeded to the receptionist's desk and asked if she overlooked my name, because I noticed that persons who came in after I did got through.

She said, "Miss, why yuh tink so? They weren't seeing the doctor you choose." I accepted defeat and went back to sit.

Another half an hour passed and I decided, maybe I should switch the doctor I opted to see because I was wasting time just sitting there. I decided to speak to another receptionist who appeared to be more pleasant. I asked if I could make a switch and she duly informed me that I could. Then she asked the other receptionist how soon I could see that doctor. The disgruntled receptionist replied, "Is she nex."

After waiting another 15 minutes, it was finally my turn. Yes! I was happy.


Poor service


I walked into the doctor's office and said good morning, but she did not reply. I quickly assumed that she did not hear me, and I repeated. This time, she barely replied.

Doctor: Why are you here today?

Me: I recently got an acne outbreak and I am here to seek treatment

Doctor - Read these.

I was given two articles. One that was written by the doctor outlining the possible causes of acne and how to treat/prevent it. As I proceeded to read, the doctor said, "Read this one first (article that was published locally), because the other one is yours to take with you."

Having completed a master's degree, I have long learned how to read long articles strategically. So I looked at the first paragraph, glossed over the middle and read the last paragraph, and I immediately knew what the rest of the article was about.

Doctor: I will give you some medication, which is to be repeated three times, and if it doesn't work, we will try something else, because there is no use flogging a dead horse. You should also come back in and get a peel. Do you have oily face? For a brief moment, I wondered if my face was there with me. If you are an expert, I am of the opinion that you could look at my face and make an assumption. She proceeded to write a prescription, which included birth control.

Wow! How about asking me if I am pregnant? What could be the possible cause of my recent outbreak? Consultation is $5,000, so it would be nice to have a conversation with me surrounding the reason for my visit. Does she even bother to consider whether or not I could read when she handed me those long, everlasting articles? That explains why the patients took so long in her office!

I told her I would not be coming back for a peel because I didn't like the service there. I said her receptionist was quite crude and I didn't like the atmosphere.

Doctor: "This is not a spa where you are pampered as you walk through the door. This is not Jencare. I am not operating a spa and I will not open one. I am a doctor and patients come here to get their problems fixed. That is why I am here. I know the receptionist has a loud voice and may be stern, but we have a large volume of customers and she has to use a commander-style approach to control the crowd.


Quite despicable


Mr Editor, I was most surprised by her comments. Here I am spending a total of $13,150 to be insulted by a doctor and her crude receptionist, who no doubt has used her commander style on several other patients, who may be paying even more than I.

How can this be right? Is this the society that we live in, that despite paying for services, there isn't a real need for the owners of businesses to 'serve'us.

I wonder if the majority of the patients were of a similar descent to that of the doctor, if she would still use her commander-style approach with them? Is it that my Jamaican black brothers and sisters are only entitled to harsh and inhumane treatment from business owners who are of the opinion that they are doing us a favour?

Bad customer experience must be highlighted. After all, we have a choice of whether or not we do business with you.