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Woman chased by robbers, grazed by bullet

Published:Friday | November 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM

This is an open letter to the commissioner of police, Carl Williams.

Dear Dr Williams,

On Wednesday night, I was working late at my office when a young lady ran inside in a great deal of distress. She had been shot.

She, having been placed in our theatre, calmed down and an examination showed that miraculously she had only been grazed by the bullet.

She had been walking home and saw the car pulling up behind her. She saw the gun and ran. She dropped her bag when she ran, but the criminals still fired at her. She felt the impact and fell to her knees, but she got back up and ran and ran straight to our office on Red Hills Road.

The efficient, courteous police came immediately and she felt safe.

On Thursday, The Gleaner's front-page story of the Hope Pastures attack relates similar circumstances, the main difference being that the young medical technology student died.

Criminals in Jamaica are not afraid to kill wantonly. Six weeks ago, a senior justice of the peace in Hope Pastures was held up in similar fashion. Men in a car suddenly stop, an armed attacker alights, and it is only luck that determines your survival.


Changes needed

1. Notwithstanding, Justice David Batts' ruling that random stops-and-search checks of motor vehicles by the police were unconstitutional, law enforcers must be empowered to stop any car that a constable believes may be a threat to the society.

2. We must educate our people to read licence plates and spot suspicious plates.

3. There is no reason why every citizen in Jamaica should not have a government-issued identification card with stored demographics.

4. Set up task forces in each station to react to illegal gun possession. I know one mass murderer who parades with his gun and uses social media to show pictures everywhere.

5. Set up a secure phone line at each station to which people can report crime, suspicion of crime, even suspicion of intended crime.

6. Improve the forensic capabilities of the force.

Jamaica, our paradise is being threatened. Some human rights will have to be sacrificed. I still continue to champion human rights, but I have to play a part in saving our nation.


Red Hills Road