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Sell idea of university towns better

Published:Tuesday | November 10, 2015 | 11:09 AM


A recent letter by ACP Keith Gardner, the director of security at the University of the West Indies and retired seasoned policeman and lawyer, reminds us of the need to improve security in the educational zone which contains two universities and several schools.

This has happened in the wake of the brutal murder of the UTech student in Hope Pastures.

Those who speak of the development of university towns must explain and sell the idea to the man on the street. There are many countries in which the provision of tertiary education is of primary social and economic significance.

A response to the letter from Mandeville suggests that Nothern Caribbean University students are also being attacked. We need to flesh out the proposals and implement long-term strategies to secure these young people who represent significant human capital for future development of this region. These are also young people who will happily migrate after these experiences.

It may surprise us to know that there are many university towns that prosper across the world because of the services and opportunities, e.g, the provision of housing, employment, better health services.

Who are the criminals but unattached young men, sometimes seasoned criminals, but also persons envious of the efforts of their counterparts. We have a terrible envy of those who are struggling to make something better of their lives.



UWI, Mona