Sun | Nov 27, 2022

All out of hope

Published:Thursday | November 12, 2015 | 2:56 PM
Simpson Miller

No doubt we are in high gear of political campaigning -- the silly season is upon us. The promises from the People's National Party (PNP) are becoming incredible. As a student of the University of the West Indies with hopes of graduating and entering the world of work, Minister of Finance, Dr Peter Phillips' promise of 100,000 jobs is welcome, but I am cautiously reserved. This government already promised us 'jobs, jobs, jobs'. I suppose Prime Minister Simpson Miller's claim of 60, 000 jobs created under JEEP is one to be proud of. An average family-size bread costs as much as $300. How much of an impact can a two-day labourer's pay make on a family of four's financial demands for even a week?

Excuse my pessimism, Dr Phillips, but history is replete with unfulfilled platform promises from your party. Prime Minister Simpson Miller's promise of curry goat and oxtail can now be viewed as empty campaign rhetoric as the reality is that oxtail, at a whopping $650 per pound is a delicacy the majority of Jamaicans cannot afford. This administration's propensity for high taxation and massive devaluation leaves little room or hope.

The country is broken now. Young people are apathetic and disenfranchised. We need solutions now. We cannot afford another five years of desolation, Prime Minister Simpson Miller. We demand that you act now!