Tue | Jun 15, 2021

Those who hold the trust, release it

Published:Wednesday | November 11, 2015 | 5:52 AM


No amount of handwashing, sanitisers or bleach will remove the responsibility from officials for the deaths of 19 babies in Jamaica at the Cornwall Regional Hospital and the University Hospital of the West Indies. To repeat that famous "it wasn't me" line will not be accepted or allowed it to be swept under any carpet.

To every situation, there is one truth.

It has been reported that the absence of basic resources and lack of adherence to basic hygiene standards by the medical staff contributed to the death of the babies.

It is insulting to those families to try and console them with statistics of the mortality rates in other countries and say that in Jamaica, we are not doing badly.

Each time an official from the Ministry of Health speaks, all that can be heard is, "It was not my fault" and "I did the best I could when I was informed".

Those families are hurting more because no one is willing to take responsibility for their babies' deaths. The total credibility of our renowned Grade A hospitals is in question. They, who hold the total truth, release it.

Stay alert, knowledgeable and clean. If more modern and clean equipment are needed, provide it. Each life is too precious to not do all we can to protect it.

H. Innis

Montego Bay

St James