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Portmore trauma at Half-Way Tree bus park

Published:Friday | November 13, 2015 | 2:52 PM

Portmore trauma at Half-Way Tree bus park

Conditions at the Portmore bus stop section of the Half-Way Tree bus park are terrible. I recently moved to Greater Portmore and have to ride the bus five days per week, and it's the very same or worst every time.

I have never seen a proper line being formed without commuters - mostly students - pushing away the persons trying to form that line to enter a bus. Some of us try, from time to time, to form a line, but some persons are not having it.

I was once pushed and pinned against a bus in motion trying to park. My elbow was swollen and was hurting for two weeks. I have seen the elderly pushed and pinned also.

What frightens me the most is every day, I see where a commuter could be pushed under the wheel of a bus trying to park. I have seen where students could have been hit by a bus because they were pushed against the bus in motion. I am hoping a great change will come about down there before an accident happens.

I have spoken with someone from the Spanish Town bus park regarding the situation, since she was once stationed at the Portmore section of the Half-Way Tree bus park. She was also pushed around by commuters, so she understood very well my concerns. She told me a report was made and suggestions of a railing was put forth, but still nothing has been done.

Is it possible to have railings installed there now? Is it possible to get security to deal with maintaining a proper line to enter the buses now? Procrastination comes with a hefty cost at times. Who will pay, and how will the payment be made?

I have to travel to Spanish Town at times, and the truth is, I find that the commuters at that section are properly lined up and enter the buses with ease. The Portmore bus stop section needs proper supervision.

The experience at the Portmore bus section reminds me of my days attending the Excelsior High School and riding the Encava and 'Quarter-million' buses. My white socks were always dirty by the time I got to school because I was stepped up on so much. The bands of commuters' watches burst. Hairpieces were pulled out. Bag straps were torn out. It was a scary situation and very frightening for a tiny student like I was.

The JUTC bus system is indeed a wonderful transformation, so you can imagine how sad it is to see commuters abuse the system.


Greater Portmore Resident