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God outed as PNP backer?

Published:Monday | November 16, 2015 | 11:57 AM


As the Christmas season approaches, we tend to become more focused on the life of Jesus and his teachings. He taught us to love our neighbours as ourselves and to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Unfortunately, our politicians and other leaders seem to encourage division instead of goodwill and unity. Our politicians squabble about the timing of the next election, which party is more responsible for wrecking our economy, which party is more responsible for the increasing crime and hopelessness engulfing us.

Recently our prime minister, who appears to have a cellphone connection to the Almighty, has informed us that she is awaiting the signal from God to set the election date. Every Jamaican must now be wondering if God is partial to the oranges. Clearly, He must be disappointed with the greens for their association with a notorious criminal who was anointed president in one of their constituencies.

But our politicians are not the only ones claiming God's association with their cause. Our sundry Christian leaders are convinced that their denominations and beliefs are the sole repository of God's truth. So they squabble about the true Sabbath, religious doctrine, and choose those among us who are destined for hellfire.

The Bible records Jesus as telling us to love our neighbour as ourselves. However, we seem to take pleasure in tribal politics and religious pomposity. We have become the victims of leaders who are blinded by power and hubris.


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