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Letter of the Day: Why I won't vote

Published:Monday | November 16, 2015 | 12:00 AMTHE EDITOR, Sir:

I read Michael Abrahams' column, 'Vote or shut up!' (The Gleaner website, November 17, 2015), and can understand his view. However, I'm one of those persons who won't be voting.

I've decided to take a closer look at both parties, and the choice between the two is analogous to one trying to determine which murderer was more cruel - one who shot and killed my brother, or the one that killed my other brother with one stab from a knife?

In both instances, they both killed.

Or, which don to lead the country - Dudus or Zekes?

Both parties have wrecked this country. As to which is worse is not a question in my mind. The wrecking of the country is what impacts us all - an act that both parties are guilty of.

I cannot apply degrees to evil. To do so only makes one corrupt. Evil simply has no degrees. Evil is evil.

The fact that "people literally fought for us to have the right to democratically elect our leaders" is not enough for one to choose between two evils.

We have a constitutional right to vote, but we have a God-given right to choose whether or not to exercise that constitutional right.

The Jamaican electorate doesn't have any mechanism in place that allows for politicians to be held accountable. In fact, if more persons abstain from voting, this may send the strongest message yet.

Non-voters are not complainers. they are, at best, the most objective of citizens. It is this objective approach that allows for one to "abdicate our responsibilities to help to choose those who will govern our island". This is simply so because there's really no choice.

Voting doesn't make it realistic to expect of "our leaders to fix this broken nation". In fact, history will record that the Jamaican people have approved the destruction of this island for more than 50 years by voting for successive governments that are equally responsible for wrecking this country.

Voting for either of the existing political parties is not nation building. History has shown this.

I think it's fair to paint all politicians with the same brush. If both parties had "within their ranks people who honestly love and care about our country and desire to make positive change ..."; then they would condemn their unpatriotic and corrupt actions, rather than come to their defence when the public asks for accountability.

They would not simply be shuffled around to other ministries when they fail at their jobs, or kept there.

Voting is not the process by which politicians are held accountable.

"Widespread apathy and low voter turnouts do little to motivate our political leaders ... ," wrote Abrahams. Really?!

Are you not aware that the only motivation Jamaican politicians need is their party's interest?

Just listen to their utterances. I have never heard any say "in the country's interest" first. It's always and only "the party's interest" first. This was echoed by both parties just last week. Both print media carried it.