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Indecent haste in removing Devon Wint

Published:Wednesday | November 18, 2015 | 6:42 AMTHE EDITOR, Sir:

This question must be resting on the minds of many Jamaicans. Last week sometime we heard via the media that the candidate or caretaker selected by delegates in West Central St Catherine to represent the JLP was asked by the party to resign. We were told via a press release from the JLP that Mr Devon Wint was asked by the party to resign because of allegations of inappropriate behaviour against a minor. He was directed by the Leader of Opposition, Andrew Holness, to resign base on an affidavit submitted to a state agency by the outgoing Member of Parliament, Dr Ken Baugh.

Now we are being told by a senior police officer from the St Catherine division that their investigations along with the state agency has found nothing to implicate Mr Devon Wint. The Senior Officer further indicated that based on the statement submitted by the alleged complainant, there is nothing to implicate Mr Devon Wint.

Base on this, we must then ask of the JLP: Why was Mr Wint so hastily asked to resign? Was this a botched up plan to get out Mr. Wint, to install Chris Tufton? Is this a similar hoax like the hoax that was planned at Belmont Road purporting to assassinate the Leader of the Opposition? If this was a botched up plan used to get out Devon Wint, it is a very wicked and cruel act that anyone would stoop that level. It would show a kind of desperation on the part of the JLP who will do anything to get into office. This would would send a clear message to the electorate that are dealing with very dangerous people who cannot be trusted.

Ralston Chamberlain,

M.Ed, B.A.,(Hons.),


Toronto, Ontario