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'Badmind' Audley Shaw

Published:Monday | November 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I hear Audley Shaw on the political platform saying that, members in the present administration are 'badmind,' but I hasten to ask if it is not Mr Shaw who is the one that is badmind and does not wish good for the ordinary Jamaican.

The PNP-led administration must be commended for the stellar job it has done in ensuring that we stick to the IMF agreement. The result of this administration's hard work and commitment is that it rescued Jamaica from the brink of collapse, which was caused by the fact that the previous administration faltered on its commitment to the IMF.

They basically pulled an 'Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves' on the IMF.

The fact that the IMF has lowered the primary-surplus target should be welcome news to any Jamaican as this should give the Government an opportunity to boost economic growth.

But now, here comes Mr Shaw and the JLP to throw cold water on this and accuse the IMF of meddling in the politics of the country. How is it that Mr Shaw could not see the greater good in this announcement and see it as a way to improve the lives of ordinary Jamaicans?

This is not the first time that good things have happened regarding Jamaica and Mr Shaw has exhibited forms of 'badmind'. He had also accused the IMF boss, Christine LaGarde, in July 2014, of interfering with the politics of the country.

I think before Mr Shaw goes on the platform and accuses anyone of being badmind, he should think about the things he has said whenever there are good things happening for the nation.

Ralston Chamberlain