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Burglary dilemma

Published:Monday | November 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM

It's paramount that I shed some light on my problems.

I am a wannabe Jamaican-American citizen. I have been making an effort to establish myself on the island for the last 11 years by purchasing a beautiful property in Green Acres, St Catherine.

That's when the problems began. I had 10 home robberies, losing of millions of Jamaican dollars in value, coupled with more than US$500,000.

This year, I have suffered three robberies while paying a security company to watch my premises. The last robbery was on November 4 and the bandit had time to take out two windows from the wall and flee before the security company's staff arrived.

I haven't got any help from the Spanish Town police.

When I complained, one officer asked if I was dating the robbers and the rest had memory loss.

At one point, they had arrested someone and later released him based on chain-of-command orders.

I am tired and don't know where else to seek help. I left Jamaica 43 years ago and it's sad that I can't return home.

My financial loss is so great, I just need some light to be shed on my case.

I thought Jamaica was my home. In America, they call us 'foreigner' so where do we belong if our own country vandalises us so badly?

In the next few years, I will be retiring; being a social worker, I would love to give back to my homeland.

Now this gives me second thoughts.

Angela Byfield-Tracey

Brooklyn, NY