Tue | Sep 27, 2022

Mudslinging without proof

Published:Tuesday | November 24, 2015 | 1:28 PM


I suspect that a lot of people, especially those like me who don't see any real reason to vote, don't normally take note when the leaders of both major political parties lift up their frock tails and try to out-trace each other - especially when it involves the personal affairs of politicians.

The house that JLP leader Andrew Holness is building is always being brought up by the PNP. Now, if it is that Mr Holness is building that house out of money that he earned legitimately, what he is doing should be his private business.

However, in recent times, several PNP leaders have been trying to give the public the impression that this may not be so. The PNP must stop this insinuation unless it can give the public proof that Mr Holness has done something wrong.

The JLP's spokesperson on finance, Audley Shaw, has also been making some personal claims. According to him, some of the houses of persons who were FINSAC'd were sold at greatly reduced prices to persons who are well connected to the PNP. Mr Shaw also claimed that a high-ranking Comrade is a "squatter". If these allegations are true, Mr Shaw should provide proof. If not, Mr Shaw and the JLP should be forced to apologise.

I saw where a new political ombudsman was appointed recently. Is she on vacation? How can politicians be allowed to possibly libel the reputations of others like this and nothing be done?