Sat | Dec 2, 2023

PNP gave economy CPR

Published:Tuesday | November 24, 2015 | 12:31 PM


I hereby respond to an article written by P. Chin, printed in your Monday Gleaner dated November 22, 2015 and captioned 'We should have more frequent elections'.

When the country attempted to engage into a borrowing relationship through the IMF under the JLP in 2008, it did so because we did not have the money to fix Heroes Park or our roads or our schools and hospital necessities, among other obligations.

Under the JLP, the country's economy and reputation were badly tarnished as the then finance minister and his team (One-Third, remember) walked away from the process.

This process was not re-engaged until the PNP took office in 2012. The present finance minister worked diligently to change the credibility of the country so that a borrowing relationship would be re-established.

The programme has been successful so far, but it is not yet over. We have passed 10 consecutive IMF tests. It is, therefore, not the Government's 'fault' that you are witnessing so many national projects being embarked on now that lenders, donors and investors are chiming in. Remember that our doing-business rating has improved drastically, so investors will be coming.

What you are now witnessing is not a pre-election scheme to improve infrastructure or attract investments; this is the fruit of hard labour just materialising.