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Rethink boxing in schools

Published:Tuesday | November 24, 2015 | 12:39 PM


I have noted that boxing will be reintroduced in our high schools after being discontinued for some time now. I noticed, also, on a recently held telecast, that this move comes under a proposed 'peace project' that would involve other sports, including martial arts.

While I would never question the sincerity of motive of this project, from previous reading on the potential of brain damage caused by boxing, I would like to request that the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, the Association of Secondary Schools Principals and the National Parent-Teacher Association, in collaboration with the Medical Association of Jamaica, do a reassessment of this decision. I am curious to learn why same was discontinued.

I know that our children will be wearing protective headgear when engaging in the sport. However, I am not convinced that these headgear are enough to cushion the violent trauma the brain will receive when blows to the head are received.

To be honest, and with no disrespect intended to those advocating and reintroducing this sport in our high schools, as a firm believer in 'prevention better than cure', we will have nothing to lose by playing it safe not to reintroduce same in these schools as this will eliminate any possible risk of brain damage to any of our children.