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Andrei Cooke should resign

Published:Thursday | November 26, 2015 | 1:37 PM


With the continued furore about the disastrous state of the public health sector and its terrible politicisation and mismanagement by former Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson and the ministry's broader leadership, it really is an embarrassment that Dr Andrei Cooke, the chairman of the powerful South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA), continues to occupy that role. That authority oversees all public hospitals and health centres in Greater Kingston, St Catherine and St Thomas.

From the daily cries about the state of these institutions, it is obvious that his tenure has been nothing but a failure. Tanny Shirley, the previous chairman of SERHA, was able to keep the system afloat despite similar budgetary constraints and the same personnel. Clearly then, poor leadership is at the epicentre of our public-health crisis.

Was it not Dr Cooke who vigorously defended the disastrous state of the public-health sector?

Was it not Dr Cooke who assisted Dr Ferguson in making a complete mess of the chikungunya epidemic that claimed the lives of a still-unknown number of persons and left many in pain?

Was it not Dr Cooke, who played a monitoring role in the dead babies scandal, who brought the nation to its knees with incompetence, mismanagement and unbelievable arrogance?

Was it not Dr Cooke who sat as the Bustamante Hospital for Children moved from crisis to crisis, with no cardiac centre for babies, despite millions of dollars in support from the private sector?

Dr Cooke needs to do himself a favour and resign. Otherwise, Dr Horace Dalley, out of sheer decency, needs to have him removed.


Medical Consultant