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Congrats to Parchment Brown

Published:Monday | November 30, 2015 | 4:31 PM


This is an open letter to Donna Parchment-Brown, Jamaica's political ombudsman.

Dear Mrs Parchment-Brown,

The 51% Coalition: Women in Partnership for Development and Empowerment welcomes your appointment as Jamaica's new political ombudsman. You have been a pioneer in bringing dispute-resolution tools and processes to resolving conflicts within local communities, and also at national institutional levels, yielding good results.

We are confident that your technical competence and relational skills and wisdom will serve well in the oversight of Jamaica's Code of Political Conduct. We are also confident that, along with the strong resolve and support of all stakeholders, you will help, overtime, to make political contestation more conducive, in important aspects, to the participation of women.

We congratulate you and offer our support to you in carrying forward your awesome duties.


For 51% Coalition