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Courtesy on the roads

Published:Wednesday | December 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Unfortunately, we live in a land where indiscipline permeates different areas of our daily life. The roads are one such area. Unless a group of policemen are visible, two lanes quickly becomes three. Driving at neck-breaking speed in the opposite lane becomes the norm and lines in the road, whether broken or straight, seem not to mean anything. The stoplights are just coloured metal objects hanging above the road, and amber and red have the same meaning as green. In fact, red seems to have more importance than green. Pedestrians are also in the mix putting their lives in further jeopardy by apparently not knowing what a red hand means.

Those who live in the Havendale or Red Hills road area knows that it is a pain in the mornings to travel along Knightsdale Drive and then to go on to Meadowbrook Avenue heading in the direction of Pricesmart. Wednesday morning was the worst that I have experienced it. It is my general observation that the bottleneck always occurs by St Richard's Primary School. I can state this as once I pass the school, there is NO traffic. I am able to drive freely and unhindered.

I heard on the radio a couple weeks ago that there would be an increased police presence on the roads and that the traffic division would be bolstered starting immediately to assist with the increased volume of traffic on the roads during the holiday season. I am yet to notice a difference.

As we close out this year, I am asking the traffic police to please be more strategic in their operations. In addition, I am also asking my fellow citizens of this land to be more courteous on the road. It is not always about who is ahead but how we can help each other to make Jamaica a better place.


Waiting in Traffic (WIT)