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Fighting danger of global warming

Published:Thursday | December 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM


There is much focus being held throughout the world on the question of improving the environment and reducing the danger of global warming. This is a chance for Jamaica to step forward and be a leader in action rather than words and promises.

There are two areas that can be looked at. First, looking at the vast green area by King's House as one drives along East Kings House Road, the idea immediately springs to mind: Why don't we design a tropical forest there? This would be a demonstration to others in the region that we are committed to assisting the environment.

Second, it will leave a wonderful legacy to our children and will help the environment. Having got it up, it could also be a wonderful tourist attraction and be open to the people of this country to go for a wonderful walk in a forest. Such a move would benefit everybody.

The Jamaican Government should follow the idea of any person wanting a plastic bag for shopping should be charged, say, $30 per bag by the shop. This money goes to the Government and should be used to support charities that work for the environment. Such a move would reduce the number of plastic bags appearing in the gullies, in the harbour and along the shoreline and on and among the reefs and encourage shoppers to bring their own bag.

I am convinced that these both should be given serious consideration and discussion and implementation in some form. I am interested to learn of other persons' thoughts on these.