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Why shouldn't we all have dream houses?

Published:Sunday | December 6, 2015 | 12:00 AMKimberly Rowe



Once again, the People's National Party has proven to Jamaicans how hypocritical and unfair it can be. I can't understand why the PNP was chastising Spokesman on Finance Audley Shaw because his daughter, Christiana, was born overseas six years ago, and now National Security Minister Peter Bunting's wife gave birth to their son in Miami, a few days ago.

Lest they forget, that they were the same ones giving high praises to the physicians here in Jamaica for Kenneth Baugh's successful brain surgery a few days ago. How hypocritical and unfair they are?

The 19 mothers who lost their babies because of negligence didn't have the luxury of giving birth to their babies overseas.

The PNP strongly criticises Opposition Leader Andrew Holness for the construction of his house. I am quite sure that a number of them have their own dream houses. Their State Minister of Tourism and Entertainment Damion Crawford has a mansion under construction and a number of them have houses in America, Canada and other places.

I can't understand why the PNP is uncomfortable with the opposition leader building his dream house, when all of them have theirs in and out of Jamaica.

I cringe when I hear people suggest that there is no difference between the Jamaica Labour Party and the People's National Party. I don't know all there is to know, but based on the emphasis that the JLP placed on health, education, youth development, job creation, stabilisation of the dollar, and the curbing of crime, especially in their last administration, those achievements speak volumes.

In plain and simple terms, the PNP criticises the JLP about are the very same things that caused them to be insensitive and unmindful of their overall obligations as the people administrating the affairs of the country.

What is it that the People's National Party is trying to tell us? Don't work hard and construct our dream houses? We must not own anything? Should the taxpayers of Jamaica continue to live in poverty and not aim for prosperity?

Should the citizens of Jamaica continue to lose confidence in the public health-care system under the leadership of the PNP? Should all PNP ministers and members continue to go overseas for treatments while we continue to suffer under the failing health-care system they have?