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No to handouts in East Rural St Andrew

Published:Monday | December 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The fight for election spoils is the main focus of many constituents from a wide range of persons who see election time as a means of earning from politicians. In Damion Crawford's constituency, Imani Duncan Price will seek to gain power over the opposition leader's wife in Juliet Holness. This will be the fight of all fights for the securing of this vital seat. These two first-timers seemingly want to mount pressure on each other for the marginal PNP seat. If the incumbent was set to run again, I think he would have won quite easily.

Damion Crawford has done wonders in that constituency, with the constituents rejecting him on some occasions for his firm stance on educating the people. Instead of giving largesse to the people, he promised to give them the tools to survive in this cruel world.

East Rural St Andrew is a seat both parties would like to win to gain a first-hand chance of securing a win to rule the country. Damion has been a model politician in recent years, but the other people in the constituency see life from a different angle. They only need handouts so they can have short-term gains, but these people cannot see the bigger picture.

I do hope the two politicians vying for Damion's seat will take a leaf out of his book and do the wise thing in educating the masses.

I can clearly say Damion Crawford is filled with enthusiasm and genuine love for his people, but they betrayed him in light of his clear mandate. I don't know what more a good politician could offer his constituents for them not to reject him.

Take solace in your kind deeds, Mr Crawford. Take your licks and walk. You will definitely live to fight another day with a more grateful people.


Greater Portmore