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Luther Buchanan a fumbling ignoramus

Published:Tuesday | December 8, 2015 | 10:47 AM
Luther Buchanan


These politicians never cease to amaze me with the kind of nonsense that just keeps pouring forth from their mouths. What's disconcerting is that those listening on either do not understand what is being said or are rendered deaf, blind and dumb by their political persuasion.

Just yesterday afternoon, I was listening to the news and I could hardly believe my ears when Luther Buchanan said the opposition leader was only issuing Jamaican flags over in Portmore because it has a "speck of green in it". Can you imagine?! What a way to politicise such a significant gesture!

Buchanan's ignorant utterances brought forcefully back to my recollection an incident where at a civic ceremony, no less, the PNP failed to utilise the colour green, which forms a sacrosanct part of the Jamaican flag. I am certain that one of the chief regrets of the PNP was that the Jamaican flag does not bear the colour orange, and given their fixation on the matter, I am convinced that were they able to provide just reasons, they would lobby for the green to be removed from the Jamaican flag.

I am actually extremely disappointed and deeply embarrassed that in 2015, here I am writing a letter to the editor to voice my disgust at the conduct and reckless assertions of some of our politicians.

Now, this latest faux pas, if it is even excusable as such, by the member of parliament for Eastern Westmoreland, has many of us shaking our heads and wondering just how bloody doomed we are. I dare say that this, together with so many other things, is the reason so many Jamaicans are turned off from politics.

I watched the news that night the opposition leader distributed those flags, and I concluded that, at the very least, it was a commendable and very thoughtful expression. If he's to be criticised for anything, it certainly ought not to be for his efforts to unite Jamaica and to remind Jamaicans that the only flag that should be put in our communities and that will eliminate division, labelling and strife is the national flag.

Buchanan's rant was nothing short of unintellectual and extremely juvenile and has won him nothing but great disapproval.