Tue | May 11, 2021

NWC betraying its mandate

Published:Tuesday | December 15, 2015 | 5:47 PM


Tuesday, December 15, 2015 was exactly one week since the National Water Commission (NWC) water main near the corner of Sharrow Drive and Meadow Drive, Kingston 8, has been broken.

The matter is constantly being reported by at least four residents of the community.

The residents are told that the crew is on the road and will soon correct the situation. However, we are still waiting on the crew.

For the better part of six days, we have watched thousands of gallons of precious water flowing to waste. It has now created serious concerns for the citizens of Meadow Drive, Meadow Close and Sharrow Drive.

First, the asphalt on the roadway is being eroded. Second, the water has created a pool on Meadow Drive, making it very inconvenient for persons to walk. Third, the water runs into the gully on Meadow Close, which will eventually create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The National Housing Trust property, which is beside the broken water main, is now saturated and will represent another mosquito-breeding ground.

How does a supposedly responsible institution spend so much money coercing citizens to conserve water and then turn around a few months after with a clearly indifferent attitude?

The residents of Meadow Close are unable to understand the response of the NWC to this situation. How does it justify its inaction? Who will be responsible for repairing the damaged roads? Who will treat the stagnant water to remove all possible sites for mosquitoes to breed, especially in light of the possible ZIKV outbreak.

Is this the behaviour of a country struggling to achieve growth?