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Tomlinson is one brave man

Published:Tuesday | December 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Maurice Tomlinson is on a mission to change our country's laws as they relate to buggery and same-sex marriage. Recently, he took the State to the court to have some of these laws changed, for, as far as he can see, they are inhumane, among other things.

I will say that Mr Tomlinson is indeed one brave man, and I must admit that I do admire his bravery. He has decided to stand alone against the entire State in his quest for what he considers justice. Not very many of us have that strength of will that he has.

Now, some of us will say that there isn't really much to his determination of purpose. After all, while he may have a home in this country, he does live in Canada. As such, some will say that if the heat gets too hot, he can always fly out. Some are already saying that he is just a tool for those external entities that want to see Jamaica change its anti-gay laws. However, the fact that the man had given his name to the cause is proof of his determination.

Anyway, while I may admire his bravery for all his efforts, I really don't think he will get more than a few news headlines - and a huge legal bill. His cause is really a totally lost one in this country. Jamaica is decades, some may say even centuries, away from ever becoming the type of accepting society that he wants. Same-sex marriage in Jamaica is like expecting Jesus to come back. It simply will not happen in our lifetimes!

Our justice minister has already made it clear that our Constitution will only recognised marriage as an institution between one man and one woman and the Opposition will only commit itself to put it to a vote - and we all know what that vote will be.

However, changes do always start with one man, so, in the very distant future, you can never tell.