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Gov't to address lack of crossings

Published:Thursday | March 17, 2016 | 2:04 PM


The Road Safety Unit, on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Mining, thanks Andrea James for her letter published on March 14, 2016, regarding the need for pedestrian crossings in areas where four schools are located in Spanish Town.

We also thank Ms James for her kind words regarding our Education in Schools Programme and the effective way in which our education/information officer, Cameal Stewart, taught students at Jonathan Grant High about road safety. It is our mission to educate our children in primary and secondary schools to the highest level on road safety. They, in turn, will become catalysts of change in the traffic environment.

The National Works Agency has been made aware of the need for the pedestrian crossings and signs in the school zones identified. The ministry, and by extension, the Road Safety Unit, will continue to make every effort to ensure that the children of Jamaica and in this instance, students from the schools of concern: Spanish Town Primary, Spanish Town Basic, Jonathan Grant High and Walters Basic have a safe traffic environment in their vicinity.

The employment of traffic wardens (crossing wardens) is the responsibility of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. In the meantime, the ministry is appealing to motorists and pedestrians to obey all posted warning signs along our roads, drive within the speed limit, and cross the roads when it is safe to do so.


Director, Road Safety Unit