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Letter of the Day | Is Bolt's womanising a national priority?

Published:Friday | August 26, 2016 | 12:00 AMGlenroy Murray


It is really disappointing that in 2016, an adult in full control of his faculties consensually kissing whomever he wants (and, perhaps, consensually engaging in intercourse with them) is a news item for more than 10 seconds. For some curious reason, we are obsessed with the sexuality and sexual activity of others instead of being invested in fixing the nation's problems. Priorities?

First, Omar McLeod's Olympic moment was soured by conversations and an unfortunate tweet from LASCO's Twitter account regarding his sexual orientation. Whether he is gay or straight is of no concern to anyone, and certainly not right after he won Jamaica's first gold medal in the men's 110m hurdles. LASCO apologised for the unauthorised post and fired the social-media operator.

Now that the dust has mostly settled, persons are now turning up their noses at Olympic legend Usain Bolt for partying and womanising. This must be a joke.

I have never understood how people in a country with such a high rate of crime and violence can afford to be so judgemental and self-righteous regarding issues of sexuality. While our economy struggles to recover and teachers are neglecting to submit SBA grades for 40 students, we find time to wag our morally duplicitous fingers at persons who may have sex in a different way than we do.




We are ready to rant if we merely dream we hear the word 'buggery' or see colourful flags in the sky, meanwhile scamming continues to grow as a national crisis and two-year-olds are being killed execution style.

Perhaps, instead of tweeting and lecturing about sexual purity, we could address the now-infamous tweet regarding employment opportunities after graduating from university. The individual aptly pointed out that regardless of the tertiary institution you attended (and, implicitly, the nature and quality of your degree), you are likely to end up working in a call centre.

Maybe we should rant about the quality of the "jobs, jobs and more jobs" that are being sourced for our youth and the education system that fails to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship rather than lament about Bolt's inhaling the saliva of a random woman.

There are too many issues within our society to capture in one letter, but I am sure that none of them will be solved if we continue to bury our heads in the sand and only raise them up to quote scripture.