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Letter of the Day | Chastise Bolt for womanising ways

Published:Thursday | August 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The circulation of pictures and videos of Usain Bolt with numerous women in somewhat compromising positions over the past few days is nothing short of disgraceful. As someone who is emulated by so many youth in Jamaica - and around the world - his recent behaviour depicts so much that is wrong with our society.

It is the worst possible example one can set, and will encourage promiscuity, unfaithfulness and suggest to the 'corner man' that having numerous children with numerous women is the manly thing to do.

Yes, we know Usain has all the money in the world and all the fame, and we are delighted for him and equally delighted to call him one of our own. However, those around him should make clear the great responsibility that he now has on his shoulders, whether he likes it or not.

To those who say he is unmarried or that his personal life is his own business, I respond by saying that his being seen in the 'company' of at least four or five women over the course of 48 hours while his 'girlfriend' and 'first lady' sits at home a few thousand miles away is certainly not the example that we wish our 'heroes' to set for our Jamaican youth.

I can hear them now feeling that if Usain can do it, so should they. Role models carry a huge responsibility. Mr Bolt, despite all his money and fame, should be pulled aside and reminded of that fact.

It is sad that when persons criticise out of love, they are labelled as being 'bad-mind' or 'haters'. The author of this letter does not fit either category, but I simply don't want Usain to become the 'Emperor' in the story flaunting his 'new clothes' where no one can criticise or guide him when he is veering so desperately off path.




Right is right, and wrong will never be right, regardless of which personalities are involved or how much money or fame the individual involved may have. I hope our young and vulnerable youth work to emulate Usain's on-the-track achievements and his other undisputedly great qualities, but somehow realise that, in this regard, his behaviour should be chastised for what it is and certainly not emulated or duplicated.

I urge our young men to realise that true manliness is not judged by how many women you can bed, or how much money you can throw around merely because you have it. This should be a teachable moment for Usain and one that I hope he grows from as he enters the next phase of his life.