Sat | Jan 22, 2022

Bolt no hero

Published:Friday | August 26, 2016 | 3:30 PM


The Rev Devon Dick is of the opinion that Usain Bolt's birthday should be declared a national holiday. Unquestionably, Bolt is a remarkable athlete worthy of praise for his sporting achievements and the excitement he stirred in the country.

However, to declare his birthday a national holiday or raise him to the level of national hero is to diminish the meaning of heroism.

The doctor who works daily to save human lives without fanfare and meagre compensation is a hero.

The honest policeman who leaves his home and family every morning and puts his life at risk every day is a hero.

The businessman who quietly donates great sums of money to feed starving children and improve health care for sick children is a hero.

The teacher who struggles to give our children the best education possible by buying books out of her own pocket while working in schools lacking equipment is a hero.

A politician who walks away from garrison politics, tribal war and works to unite, instead of dividing us is a hero.

We must applaud the hard work, grit and success of our athletes. We must shower praise on Usain Bolt, perhaps the greatest athlete the world has ever seen. Athletes, however, perform for fame and personal wealth.

Heroes perform to improve mankind and often lose their lives while doing so.