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Death stalks Jamaica

Published:Friday | October 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM


If Jesus were to come back and live in this world, he would be crucified within 24 hours because the world has gone mad with crime and violence, and man's heart is becoming more desperately wicked as the days go by.

Everything under the sun has its purpose. The knife, which is a very vital tool, has its purpose, and we can't do without it. But it was not made to stab people to death or to cut people's throats. Many have been stabbed to death for nothing at all. In other words, for the things they possess.

The machete, otherwise known as the cutlass, is another very important tool, but it has claimed the lives of many people in this crime-polluted country. Too many Jamaicans have already been slaughtered by the machete.

The knife, the machete, and the gun - like three powerful missiles - in the hands of vicious hooligans, have turned Jamaica upside down into a bloody battlefield. I could add a fourth missile: the stone. Some have been killed by the stone too - an awful blow to the head by the wicked. Yes, the stone has claimed a number of lives, too.

Stabbing incidents, machete slayings, and gun crime have become a norm in this blood-spilling society and have robbed our country of many innocent people.