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Well done, Lloyd B. Smith

Published:Saturday | December 31, 2016 | 10:03 PM


Recently, former president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI), public and political commentator, former Central St James member of parliament, deputy speaker of the Lower House of Representatives and outstanding media pioneer, Lloyd B. Smith, JP, was awarded the Press Association of Jamaica's Veteran's Award for distinguished service to the journalism profession spanning 40 years and, thereafter, was inducted in the Chamber of Commerce's Business Leader's Wall of Fame.

Instructively, the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Wall of Fame selection process meticulously focuses on a thorough evaluation of the business leader's career and achievement record. This specific process involves a plethora of primary and secondary research, including records of corporate performance, interviews with current and/or former colleagues, and thorough review of relevant business press and, contemporaneously, any available literature chronicling the work of the individual: in this case Lloyd B. Smith.

The indefatigable Lloyd B. Smith was recognised for having immensely imprinted his indelible and outstanding mark on the Montego Bay community as an erudite, talented and ebullient journalist, noted business leader, outspoken, dedicated and fearless public servant and philanthropist.


As a member of parliament for Central St James, he did extraordinarily well and, in fact, accomplished many tangible constituency achievements. He maintained his pre-election promise of not spending taxpayers' monies and did not carelessly hand out funds from his Constituency Development Fund, but assiduously worked with some of his constituents to establish now-growing com-munity income-generating projects. I, personally, can attest to the fact, by travelling owing his constituency over the period when he served as MP, that some community roads were repaired and others were repaved owing to his incessant lobbying and making representation to the works ministry and the National Works Agency.

Lloyd B. Smith as MP had each year the most organised back-to-school constituency programme, where numerous needy students were given financial and book grants to start off the new academic school year. Again, he is to be commended for constructively assisting his constituents and students within the constituency. He did an excellent job as a PNP MP, and as deputy speaker of the House, performed to a high standard, resulting in the respect from both sides of the House of Representatives.

The irrepressible Lloyd B. Smith has over the past four decades made a sterling contribution the journalism and now has an impressive track record within the profession throughout the country. He has worked unremit-tingly over the period as a journalist, editor, newspaper columnist and public commen-tator, and has really excelled in these various areas. Consequently, he has accom-plished much due to his fixity of purpose, adhering to the principles of honesty, respect and working towards achieving his goals every step of the way and on a daily basis. Today, he is among the country's most accomplished journalists and one of impeccable integrity, admired and respected by practising journalists, across the media landscape and within the public and private sectors.


By virtue of his consistency in speaking up for the oppressed, marginalised and needy across western Jamaica, he has a large following and group of supporters who truly admire and respect Smith for his advocacy and his consistent concern. Smith, by and large, has been a journalist of and for the people, principally within the western region and Montego Bay, and has never hesitated to speak his mind on behalf of the marginalised in this section of Jamaica.

As a former president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Smith, is hailed as among its most accomplished ones, increasing the membership of the chamber during his tenure. He has been a serving justice of the peace for the parish of St James and lay magistrate for the past 20 years. Sincere commendations and widespread felicitations to accomplished journalist, businessman, commentator, occasional radio talk-show host, philanthropist and football sponsor, the indomitable Lloyd B. Smith. Well done, 'Governor' Smith.

"Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time."

- George Bernard Shaw

Robert Dalley