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Well done, Acting Commissioner Grant

Published:Wednesday | April 12, 2017 | 3:59 PM


Back in June 1981, while I was a police cadet at the former Police Training School in Port Royal, Mr. William 'Bill' Bowes was the commissioner of police for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). Since then, I can name all of his successors, and whether or not each individual has played the important role of dealing with the country's main problem crime and violence. Although we (as a nation) cannot simply rely on a police commissioner to solve the country's crime problems, such an individual must be vigilant and understand a variety of issues in order to become successful as police commissioner.

Over the years, the Police Services Commission (PSC) has always appointed a male person to lead the force, and a few have done extremely well, but they have never got the chance to put a serious reduction on crime and violence. While not trying to expose anyone, former police commissioner Owen Ellington was trying to make a difference, but apparently something went wrong during his tenure, so he decided to resign. He was succeeded by Dr. Carl Williams who tendered his resignation without a satisfactory reason, in my assessment.

DCP Quallo will become the country's 29th police commissioner, so the possibility exists that it (not appointing MS Grant) might be gender based which is an issue for a 'fact-finder' or 'truth-seeker' to decide. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that Acting Commissioner Grant should have been given the opportunity to make a difference because she knows a lot: she is always humble and continues to support the force in various ways. So my advice to her is that she should continue the drive until she retires because she has done extremely well, despite her not making history by becoming the nation's first female police commissioner.

Charlie Browncharliebrown1004@gmail.com