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No Internet in Sav-la-Mar, Petersfield

Published:Friday | April 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Dekal Wireless has failed to provide its customers in Petersfield and surrounding areas with Internet access for more than four weeks. Numerous phone calls have been made to the Dekal offices, but no one has helped.

No service technician seems to be available and broken promises appear to be the order of the day. Yet Dekal Wireless is given full rein to be the sole provider of Internet for the area. Why?

Internet access is the primary source for information today. To exist in a world today without it means that doing business, talking to family, shopping or seeking information becomes almost impossible. Does this bother Dekal? Absolutely not! They have not made any effort to rectify the problem.

Please help us because no one is getting through. We are paying customers and we need some answers and for our voices to be heard and taken seriously. Can you assist us and all the people affected from Savanna-la-Mar?