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Letter of the Day | Curb recklessness, reduce tragedy on our roads

Published:Wednesday | April 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The Gleaner article 'Easter Monday mourning at Gloria's' (April 18, 2017) serves as another stark reminder of the dangers of recklessness by some motorists who continue to demonstrate little or no care for their own lives and that of other road users.

In many instances, which results in injuries and fatalities, speeding is the main factor. Motorists wilfully disregard the potential consequences of their actions by speeding along the roadways and recklessly overtaking a line of traffic, which thereby compromises the safety of others.

There are just too many out-of-control motorists who not only merely neglect to observe the road rules, but who also consciously decide to expose others to the risk of danger with their disorderly conduct. They just don't care about what could happen.


Enough with the warnings


I have seen the many warnings and the appeals by the authorities for motorists to be courteous, respectful of the rules, and to cut their speed. However, those calls have fallen on deaf ears in many cases. The result: tragedy. Enough with the warnings and the appeals since it oftentimes goes through one ear and comes out the other. If we want to effectively arrest this problem, then we must seriously employ stringent actions.

We are not dealing with toddlers to who we are forced to repeat ourselves in directing them. We are dealing with grown people who have the privilege of operating a vehicle, which requires focus, knowledge, vigilance, and common sense.

Considering that many have failed to heed the calls to drive responsibly, we should stop wasting time and resources to continually beg them to do better when they are utilising the roads. We know some of the other contributing factors to road tragedies - inexperience, failing to utilise safety devices, drag racing, improper overtaking, and using cell phones so why aren't we doing more to curb the madness?




A more reasoned and aggressive approach is needed. We need the police to be more vigilant in ridding the nation's roads of reckless drivers. More police should be strategically placed at all the crash hotspots and other areas where the threat of a road accident exists, to prosecute dangerous drivers.

I believe that also having a dedicated group of traffic cops using unmarked vehicles to frequently cruise certain areas that are known to excite the motorists' appetite for speeding could contribute to alleviating the carnage.

Law-abiding and concerned citizens can play their part by proactively reporting the registration numbers of licentious motorists who they see demonstrating unlawful behaviour to the police.

We cannot continue to allow reckless motorists to endanger our lives and that of our families and friends. They must be taken off the roads permanently. When we curb the recklessness, then the tragedy will be reduced.