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So Hanna was right!

Published:Wednesday | April 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Culture minister Olivia 'Babsy' Grange, in a media release, now says she was not aware of the details surrounding the $15 million contract awarded to Trevor Nairne for the 2016 Grand Gala. Grange admitted that Nairne was connected to a senior adviser in the ministry as partners in the company which received the contract for the work, which, according to Hanna could've been done by the JCDC.

If the minister was not aware of a significant contract such as this, this raises even more questions, and if the contract was given by JCDC, why was this done if JCDC were capable of doing the work themselves?

Minister Grange was responding to a number of questions raised by Opposition Spokesperson on Culture Lisa Hanna.

Parliament recently about nepotism, corruption and waste in the ministry, under Grange's watch.

At a time when the ordinary taxpayer is overburdened, it is indeed appropriate to question extravagant public expenditure, whether on culture or anything else.

Corruption and waste is too rampant in government, and if protocol is not followed, that too should be investigated. We understand that spending on culture for independence celebrations has risen by 30 per cent! We must invest in culture, which is an important aspect of national development, but it has to be taken in context of what we can afford, and the economic climate of the country. Minister Grange must be reminded she is not immune from being accountable and responsible. If she cannot manage to know significant details falling under her portfolio, she should do the right thing and resign.

P. Chin