Sat | Dec 4, 2021

Disappointed with FLOW

Published:Friday | April 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am trying to find a way to settle an issue I am having with FLOW. Since last year August, Internet service in the area where I now live (Commodore, Linstead) was disrupted as a result of an upgrade to their service, specifically to fibre-optic cables.

Service was restored in November to some customers, However, up to the time of my writing, on April 27, service had not been restored. I have heard multiple stories such as stolen cables, damaged cables and, to an extent, that I owed more than J$17,000 as reasons for non-service. Having called more than 28 times for solutions, I heard that my account was updated and that I have been credited and, therefore, would only need to pay a reconnection fee of J$300.

When I turned up at a local store to pay that amount, I was told that my account was cleared and that I did not have to pay any fees. Having done that, the service would be restored within 30 minutes. The following day (about two weeks ago), I called FLOW's customer support and a technician was assigned to for visit my location.

No one turned up and I called again, only to hear that the appointment was rescheduled to April 25, 2017. No one turned up, so I called on April 26. I heard that the appointment was cancelled because of damaged cables.

I must say that it has been raining since Monday. Just Wednesday, I paid someone to be at the house because I was in another parish. Again, no one turned up.

I operate an Internet marketing business from home and I solely rely on the Internet. Although I have desperately pleaded for the matter to be settled, no one came to my address since November 2016. There is no other reliable service in the area, and I am more than desperate for this to be settled, as I have seen other persons recently have service installed.

I asked for the service to be provided from another street. Not even this FLOW has looked into.

I am of the conclusion that the technicians refuse to return to the area and keep lying about damaged or stolen cables.