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Excellence the mantra of NHF staff

Published:Sunday | April 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Complaining about disservice from organisations that are supposed to be serving us has become the norm. As a result, we have the tendency to highlight only the things that are negative and are reluctant to acknowledge a great job.

The National Health Fund (NHF) must be congratulated for the service excellence culture that it has adopted - a culture that it seems all the staff members have bought into. I visited the office last week, and I must say if you want to experience real, great customer service, just visit or mystery-shop the institution.

I had called prior to making the visit and must say that the receptionist had really heightened my expectations. I felt her smile radiating through the telephone as she pleasantly guided me on how to proceed. When I got there, my expectations were so on target every step of the way.




As someone who worked in the area of internal service delivery - where we set service standards, train, mystery-shop our staff, especially those on the front line - I always keep a keen eye and a listening ear whenever I visit a service provider. The greeting, willingness to provide name, and to address the customer by name from the very first opportunity, the clear instructions every step of the way, the eye contact, the genuineness of the tone and the confidence the staff exuded as they carry out their tasks were some things that I observed at the NHF.

The staff members I dealt with made me feel like the boss, and I must say my wandering eyes and sharp ears have reassured me that I was not being singled out and given exemplary service, but that it is a culture.

Congratulations to all the stakeholders of the National Health Fund. You have shown your clients that although you are a government entity, things can be done differently. You have made the interaction with your clients such a pleasurable one and we really appreciate that you have made service excellence your mantra.