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Don't lick out against Ishawna

Published:Wednesday | May 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM


With regard to Ishawna’s Equal Rights song on oral sex, I hope we all take a step back and look into our double standards.

I have heard the most disgusting labels being pinned on Ishawna, yet when Third World Cop, a movie laced with profanity and a real-life pastor in it using said profanity as art.

We have the hit series Empire with openly gay characters, which is shown on free-to-air TV in Jamaica. We have several gay entertainers’ songs playing on local radio. No one cries foul, but we are quick to throw this beautiful young lady under the bus.

Lady Saw and Spice have done far worse songs, and Saw was labelled the ‘Queen of Slackness’. Ishawna has done none of that. So where is the balance?

Where was the serious outcry when Vybz Kartel and R. Kelly performed songs of this nature for years?

We have 1,300 murders per year and we are worrying about a three-minute song. We have seen videos of young schoolgirls doing oral sex to men. Where was the outcry? It seems it's US that have the issue, and not Ishawna.


Rotterdam, Netherlands