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Put independence celebration money into justice reform

Published:Wednesday | May 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The following is an online comment from Alexis F on Justice Minister Delroy Chuck's sectoral debate presentation on the need for reforms to discipline judges without requiring their removal.

I just don't understand why the government can't buy somewhere like the Jamaica Conference Centre and just turn it into a mega courthouse?

It already has the layout and such. If they can't buy it then lease it for a while. Why is everything so hard? I am sure the country would be very happy if they heard that the monies being earmarked for independence celebrations will instead be put towards securing the country's future.

Let private sector fund independence celebration and just let the people have their own parties, waive all fees for that day and approve dances and street parades. The country doesn't need to fund this as it's the same boring stadium performances every single year.

There needs to be more suspended sentences especially for crimes other than guns and murder, robbery and rape. The prison population is out of control.