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Ishawna's song and dancehall sexual hypocrisy

Published:Thursday | May 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The dancehall arena continues to highlight the heights at which 'equal rights' are not meted out to female artistes when compared to their male counterparts.

A few years ago, Gage recorded a song that speaks to the depths to which he will deposit his fluids within the oesophagus of his female partner. Of course, this is exciting to most, if not all, male dancehall artistes. Isn't this the norm?

Shall we consider Ishawna as feminist? The truth is, feminists have always been fighting for equal rights.

If we are to compare the lyrics of Throat by Gage and Equal Rights by Ishawna, we will realise that these artists are simply demanding pleasure from oral sex and have sought to express themselves through dancehall music.

As Ishawna proclaims, the traction she possesses will result in severe damage to her partner's phallus as a result of the friction. But, how different is this from what male artistes have been singing? Aidonia (So Good), Vybz Kartel (Freaky Gal), Konshens (Action), Alkaline (Ride on Me), and Aidonia (Pon di (c)***Y=).

The hypocrisy of dancehall (or wannabe) artistes is appalling!