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Show gratitude to hard-working teachers

Published:Monday | May 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM


On this the eve of Teachers' Day, I take this opportunity to support Jamaica's teachers who work hard to educate both adults and children in the society.

I salute all teachers, especially those at St Catherine Basic School, where I am currently serving on the parent-teacher association committee. I also laud the principal and vice-principal, as well as the guidance counsellor at my son's school, St Catherine Primary in Spanish Town.

The teachers who work at these two schools are very good educators, from my observation, and I salute them for their dedication to society. Teachers have it very hard to manage children, particularly those who are undisciplined or antisocial.

I call on all mothers and fathers to come out this Teachers' Day and give a helping hand in the classroom to the school in your community, to show the young boys how to display appreciation.

The main reason why I talk about the boys is because the girls are mostly ahead in many schools. It is mainly the boys and young men who commit crimes. That cycle has to stop.

Parents, when your child misbehaves at school and the teacher disciplines him/her, don't fight the teacher. Educators are helping your child to become the next prime minister, governor general, or other leaders.

May God bless and keep all teachers.